Nicole Polinger, Chief Creative Officer

Nicole Polinger is one of the most creative human beings on this planet.  Her beautiful mind works magic on a daily basis.  Nicole has quickly established herself as an irreplaceable asset to our team.  She is fearless when it comes to trying something new or learning a new program which is an incredible skill to possess.  Hark work and long hours are no match for this renaissance woman!

When Nicole isn't hustling with SDE, she is enjoying being a wonderful wife and step-mom to her lovely step-daughter.  She is an extremely patient and supportive parent and a loving role model.  Nicole can engulf herself in a multitude of projects and will juggle them all successfully at the same time .  You may catch her tending to her vegetable garden, growing herbs, designing custom T-shirts, making candles, helping a friend in need, playing a musical instrument, singing with her gorgeous voice and all the while maintaining a flawlessly clean home...which I admit that I am envious of:)

Emily McFarlane, Chief Operating Officer

Emily McFarlane emanates the true spirit of Sheer Delight.  Her contagious smile and positive energy allow her the ability to be-friend anyone in her path.  Unafraid to take risks while tenaciously pursuing her dreams have made her our team motivator without a doubt.  She is our utility player.  Emily is capable of learning and tackling anything you throw at her which makes us feel incredibly fortunate to have connected with this fierce woman.  Her interpersonal skills rival the best of the best.  She believes in herself and in all those blessed with her presence. 

Loyal. Funny. Beautiful. Kind.  Heart of Gold.

In Emily's spare time, you can catch her having fun with her husband and adorable toddler.  She definitely takes the cake with being the life of the party!  You will have nothing but a good time hanging with this lovely lady:)  Emily loves animals and has 2 dogs and a cat...we sometimes have to stage interventions so she doesn't fill her house up with more pets! LOL!  Walks with her fam, hitting the gym, and just being an all around charming person are just a few of her highlights.

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