Partner with Sheer Delight Experience.
Attract new customers by hosting our team of certified bra fitters for a community outreach event.
10% of sales will go to the charity of your choice!

Bras & Balance


Calling all Yoga Masters!  Empower your customers by offering professional bra fittings.  Whether it be a sports bra or a regular bra, finding the perfect fit will help enhance overall health and well-being. 

Bras & Barbells


Partner with us to offer a unique service to your customers that will set you apart from other fitness centers.  Wearing a supportive bra can make a tremendous difference on how a woman feels during a work out. You can help your customers feel their best!

Bras & Boutique Events

Attract more traffic to your store by planning an event that offers both a personalized experience for your customers and an opportunity to pay it forward to the charity of your choice.

Bra-ducation Seminars for Athletes

Our company was founded by educators.  We love teaching women how a supportive sports bra can enhance athletic performance.

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