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A letter to my chest

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Dear petite chest of mine,

I am writing to you because I realize that we have been through a lot together and I have not treated you very nicely over the years. An apology is long overdue. Since the first day I was able to put you in a bra, I complained about your petite size to my mom and to all my friends at every chance I had. You must be so tired of my badmouthing. I thought it was hilarious in high school to tell my friends that if they wanted to play a board game, they could just use my chest. Then, in college I thought the perfect solution was to never be caught dead without wearing my famous "water bra" that was popular circa 2001. There was always a low lying fear that a sorority sister or a frat guy would discover that my chest was half the size without my water bra. I am sure that when I called you "pathetic" and "boyish" to my friends, it made you feel terrible. I am truly sorry. We have had a lot of good times together and it is time to let you know that I do appreciate you after all. I hope after you read this letter, we can start over together and be really good friends. You were a real trooper when we nursed our 3 babies for nearly a year each. The chaffing...and cracking... and let's not forget the unpredictable, painful bites after the teeth started coming in! Thank you for being there for my babies and for me. That would have been an ideal time to hang me out to dry for my rude treatment, but instead you rose to the occasion. Thank you for never bothering me or hurting my back when I went for long runs. Thank you for allowing me to go braless on my wedding day. And I do appreciate you forcing men to look at my face and listen to me talk instead of staring at you. You are so selfless! Lastly, I am really sorry for telling everyone that I was going to have a surgeon cut you open and stuff implants under your tissue because you simply weren't up to my standards. Don't get me wrong, I love breast enhancements. I love breast reductions. I love anything that makes a woman feel confident. It has been a long road for you and me. I can't promise you what the future holds for us, but I am hoping that we can navigate the rest of our lives as a team instead of enemies. I pledge to treat you with respect and pride. From now on, I will shower you with comfort, beauty, confidence and LACE at every chance I get. I promise to always put you in the right size, no matter what. I will take care of you, for eternity.

Truly yours,



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